Community Safety

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We work to help people stay safe from fire and other emergencies, in the home, at work and in other buildings. Accidental fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths and we do all we can to reduce these fatalities. We work to educate people about what they can do to protect themselves from fire. We do this by:
Home fire safety visits - firefighters visiting people in their homes to give advice on fire safety and fitting smoke alarms for free if necessary.


Informing people at a young age about the dangers of fire, how they can protect themselves and the consequences of making hoax calls. We have successful and award winning initiatives to do this, including a schools team .


Reducing deliberately started fires - we have a specialist team to tackle firesetting behaviour by young people and another working with partners to reduce fire related crime.
Advising on fire safety in the workplace - as an employer you are responsible for making sure you and your staff know what to do to prevent a fire in the workplace and how to escape if a fire does break out.