Special Operation Tasks

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The Special Operations Task is a multi-faceted unit under the Fire Department’s Operations Branch. The Task is staffed with two Captains who administer the Hazardous Materials, Domestic Preparedness, and Technical Rescue programs which is funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.  Each team is staffed with eight Hazardous Materials Specialists and are "Type 1" as designated by Cal OES.


Fire Department Special Operations Task Force exists to improve emergency responses that are outside the scope of typical emergency calls through advanced training, teaching, and emergency responses in the district and adjoining agencies.


In addition to regular fire department training, all members are required to have the following:
• CSFM Fire Instructor 1A and 1B
• Confined Space Rescue
• Trench Rescue
• Low Angle Rescue
• Rescue Systems I and/or II
• CSTI Hazardous Materials Technician or Specialist
• Haz-Mat Safety Officer/ All Risk